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Get Ready for an Electrifying Night with KT Tunstall at The Tent, Bla Bla

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May 10, 2024

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Music lovers, mark your calendars! The incredibly talented KT Tunstall is bringing her captivating live performance to The Tent at Bla Bla on Saturday, October 26th. This is your chance to witness the soul-stirring magic of Tunstall's voice in what promises to be an unforgettable evening set against the intimate backdrop of Dubai's most unique venue.

Why You Can't Miss KT Tunstall Live in Dubai

KT Tunstall, the voice behind iconic hits like "Suddenly I See" and "Black Horse and the Cherry Tree," is not just a singer; she's a live performance powerhouse. Her fusion of folk and pop rock not only enchants; it electrifies, promising an unforgettable evening. Tunstall's visit to Dubai is a rare occasion and a golden opportunity for her fans to witness her live!

KT Tunstall Live in Dubai at The Tent, Bla Bla!

A Night to Remember at The Tent, Bla Bla

The Tent at Bla Bla is not your ordinary concert venue. Known for its intimate setting and limited capacity, it offers you a chance to be up close and personal with the music. Here, every performance feels exclusive, allowing for a connection to the sound and the artist that larger venues can't replicate. Prepare for a concert experience that's as memorable as it is unique, where the music envelops you, and KT Tunstall captivates your heart and soul.

Mark Your Calendars For October 26th at The Tent, Bla Bla!

How to Secure Your Spot

•Date: Mark it down – October 26th is the day.
•Venue: The Tent at Bla Bla, Dubai – where magic happens.
•Opening Time: Doors swing open at 7pm. Be there early to soak it all in.

Tickets: Grab Yours Before They're Gone!

•General Admission: AED199 per person
•Early Bird Tickets: AED150 per person (limited availability).
•Purchase Point: Secure your ticket at

KT Tunstall's performance at The Tent is more than just a concert; it's a gathering of music lovers, an evening of soul-stirring melodies, and a night that Dubai won't soon forget. Whether you've followed her career from the start or are just discovering her music, this event is where your fall season peaks. Don't let this pass you by; join us for a night that promises to leave you electrified!

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