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Indulge in Korean Steakhouse Delights at Smoki Moto Dubai!

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May 9, 2024

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The city’s vibrant culinary scene just got a sizzling upgrade with Smoki Moto’s Dubai outpost, the first-ever fully licensed Korean steakhouse on Palm Jumeirah. Smoki Moto Palm Jumeirah promises a unique dining experience that blends Korean tradition with modern flair.

Who’s up for some Bulgogi? Gabsida!

Heart and Seoul Collide at Smoki Moto Palm Jumeirah

If you’re missing the popping city of Seoul, Dubai's first licensed Korean steakhouse has the right mix of Seoul vibes and modern touches. Feast your eyes on chic artwork, graffiti nods to Korean pop culture, and a dedicated lounge and bar for pre-dinner drinks. Smoki Moto caters to all styles, from a quick Soju-infused cocktail to a leisurely grilled feast with stunning Palm West Beach views on the terrace, there’s definitely something for you at this upbeat Korean steakhouse in Dubai.

korean food on table in dubai
Taste the “Smoki” flavours of Korean Bulgogi at Smoki Moto!

Steaks and Beyond: Smoki Moto’s Incredible Atmosphere and Fare

Let's talk food! Smoki Moto’s pride is showcasing Korean food in Dubai with high-quality steaks, alongside Korean staples with gourmet twists, as well as Korean street food. Vegetarians and vegans aren’t left out though, this Korean steakhouse in Dubai still has tons of options. Smoki Moto isn't just about the food though, it’s about immersing yourself in the vibrant energy of groovy tracks, transforming one of the best Korean restaurants in Dubai into a late-night hotspot on weekends. 

smoki moto restaurant open kitchen dubai
Savor the vibrant energy and fare of Smoki Moto's open kitchen.

Don’t Miss Out on FOMO Fridays

Craving servings of Korean food and fun on Fridays? Head to Smoki Moto for FOMO Fridays at Dubai's first licensed Korean steakhouse. Every Friday you and your crew can dig into Korean bites, and drinks, then groove it out on their terrace with stunning views. It's a great way to unwind and start your weekend for just AED120 per person. We’d strongly recommend booking your spots in advance, you know how hard FOMO can hit!

people cheers-ing at korean restaurant in dubai
Don’t miss out on Smoki Moto’s offers, you’ll catch a case of FOMO!

Ready to experience a unique blend of Korean tradition and modern flair? Smoki Moto Palm Jumeirah awaits, it’s an unfiltered blend of Korean food in Dubai with the soul of Seoul.

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