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Discover Aqaya Café & Restaurant's Unique Culinary Concept

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January 15, 2024

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Aqaya Café & Restaurant is the ultimate destination for fans of meticulously crafted, premium baked goods and confectionery. Aqaya’s unconventional desserts, gourmet chocolates, elevated café classics, and mouthwatering entrées showcase their commitment to delivering a delightful and exquisite experience with unparalleled and unique flavours.

A Unique Concept Café & Bakery

As a new and unique concept café with two great locations in Dubai, Aqaya engages customers by providing a transparent view of its production process, immersing them in the process of baking, priding itself on being the pioneer in serving extraordinary gourmet masterpieces within an awe-inspiring setting.

As the brainchild of Chef and Founder Aaqib Gaya, Aqaya seeks to create a unique dining experience by incorporating elements from his global adventures and culinary journey. By tantalising taste buds with fresh and innovative flavours with its new takes on beloved dishes to the culinary scene, Aqaya makes its mark on the city!

Aqaya's interior design
Experience the productions process of your favourite coffee's and deserts!

Aqaya's Prime Locations - City Walk and Dubai Creek Harbour

With 2 locations across Dubai in City Walk and Dubai Creek Harbour, Aqaya curates a unique experience and concept for customers. Each of its two premier locations features chic and modern fittings, sleek decor, lively lighting, and smooth music as a backdrop to complement its culinary journey.

As one of Dubai’s newest concept cafés, Aqaya welcomes everyone to embark on new culinary twists and turns that call back to beloved dishes. Go on a new culinary adventure at one of Dubai's best café and bakeries in Dubai with Aqaya’s exquisite and delectable selections.

Stop by one of Aqaya's primely located venues.

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