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Experience Luciano's New Mediterranean Culinary Concept at Habtoor Grand Resort

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February 28, 2024

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Set sail on a culinary voyage with Luciano’s brand-new Mediterranean concept, blending the rich flavours of Italy, Greece, Turkey, Spain, and France in a fresh, open-air setting at Habtoor Grand Resort.

Previously focused on Italian cuisine, Luciano’s brand-new culinary concept has shifted to celebrate the vibrant traditions of these Mediterranean cuisines. Featuring the freshest ingredients from land and sea, Luciano’s Mediterranean cuisine is a foodie’s paradise, check it out!

Fresh Ingredients and Elevated Authenticity

Sourcing only the best produce from around the region, each dish showcases nature's bounty. Taste the freshness of Luciano’s new menu, featuring everything from savoury olives and ripe tomatoes to fragrant herbs and succulent seafood in every bite. 

Whether you delight in the simplicity of Greek salads’ freshness or the bold spice of Turkish kebabs, Luciano’s has something to suit you. Each dish is meticulously prepared with care and passion by the maestros in the kitchen to transport you across the Mediterranean. We’re down for all these!

Seafood served at Luciano's
Find the freshest ingredients at Luciano's!

Fresh Air and Even Fresher Vibes 

From the moment you step foot into Luciano's exquisite open-air experience, you’ll feel what it’s like to live the dream at one of the top Mediterranean restaurants in Dubai Marina, with fresh sea breeze and boats in the marina greeting you. With its cool interior and awesome outdoor terrace, Luciano's offers the perfect mix of class and chill! 

Dive into authentic eats made with passion at this picturesque spot for lovers and families. Whether you're enjoying fresh pasta or unwinding with a glass of wine under the stars, soak up these amazing vibes and the coastal charm of Dubai's latest Mediterranean spot!

A straw hat and tapas served.
Experience the best of the Mediterranean in Luciano's Al Fresco setting.

Flavours of The Week

Every day of the week brings new flavours to Habtoor Grand Resort, Luciano’s brings the flavours of the world on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Asian Fusion, Cuisines of the World, and Italian cuisine are spotlighted on each of these days, bringing tastes of the world’s most dynamic cuisines to the city. Available from 6:30pm - 10:30pm, the world’s cuisines meet at Luciano’s for delectable evenings. Read more about Luciano's Themed Nights.

International dishes served at Lucianos
Enjoy international dishes throughout the week.

Experience the flavours of the Mediterranean at Luciano’s, a unique culinary adventure at one of the top Mediterranean restaurants in the Dubai Marina. Come for the food, stay for the vibes!

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