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May's Big Fat Themed Quiz: Dive into Friends Trivia with QuizBiz Dubai

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May 10, 2024

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Quiz events in Dubai this month are set to get even more exciting with QuizBiz’s Events in Dubai, from Risky Quizzness’ new location and the upcoming Big Fat Themed Quiz of the Month this May.

No one told you it would be this way, but May’s theme is the cult classic sitcom, Friends, and it’s all going down at McGettigan’s Production City. Ready to pivot and test your knowledge at this Friends quiz? Here's all the details you need!

Friends TV Show Quiz Special

Gear up for an unforgettable evening on Wednesday 15th May at McGettigan's Production City, where the ultimate Friends-themed quiz night awaits! Under the engaging guidance of quizmaster Ceri K, dive deep into everything Central Perk, from Ross's unforgettable leather pants saga to Monica's immaculate kitchen mysteries.

Make sure your team is ready and energized as doors open at 8pm. Don't forget to secure your spots early for a night filled with trivia, laughter, and perhaps the chance to prove you're the biggest Friends aficionado out there.

Friends TV Show Quiz at McGettigan's Production City!

Don’t worry, you won’t be running dry at this quiz night, McGettigan’s Production City’s offers are sure to keep you and your crew fuelled with great pub grub and refreshing drinks. We’re certain this quiz night is going to be entertaining for everyone!  Could we be any more excited?

Make sure your lightning-fast reflexes can keep up so you and your crew can dig up amazing prizes by the end of the quiz. So how you doin’ with your prep? Make sure you’re all caught up on your Friends trivia!

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