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Experience Downtown's Finest Degustation Day At Reef & Beef

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January 26, 2024

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Dine in sophistication and elegance at Reef & Beef's Degustation Days, the newest fine dining experience in Downtown Dubai, offering spectacular evening views of the Burj Khalifa and the downtown skyline.

Serving prime selections of the land and the sea, Reef & Beef blends them for a luxurious fine-dining experience in Downtown Dubai rivalled by no other venue. Stemming from the mind of restaurateur Mansur Basam, this fine dining destination strives for excellence in their dining experience, evident in the opulent decor throughout the venue and its incredible ambience.

For a truly stunning evening of culinary appreciation, Reef & Beef is pulling out all the stops for a special weekly 2-night Degustation Day offer - check it out.

Reef & Beef's Degustation Day

Degust Carefully Curated Menu Selections

Born from the concept of careful, appreciative dining experiences focused on a sensory journey, culinary art, and good company, Reef & Beef’s Degustation Day offer provides an upscale twist to your weeknight dining outings. Exclusively offered only on Wednesdays and Thursdays from 6pm to 11pm, Reef & Beef’s special degustation menu is an exclusive dining experience that is to be remembered. For this special culinary experience, choose from 2 menus, priced at AED700 and AED1,200 per person respectively.

The first menu consists of a special array of Reef & Beef’s signature dishes, starting with the Royal Seafood Tower’s fresh selections of seafood, and then moving on to a verdant Mediterranean tomato salad. This is followed by a prime selection of the finest cuts of beef, consisting of steak tartar, a 300-gram cut of US Prime tenderloin, and a 400-gram slab of US Prime ribeye, accompanied by a choice of hand-cut truffle fries, sautéed wild mushrooms, potato gratin dauphinoise, or asparagus fresh off the grill. A delectable Bearnaise and Green Peppercorn sauce will be provided to complement this all, and finally, a ⁠Sweet Romance for two will be provided to close out the menu.

Guest taking a piece from a seafood tower
Dubai's favourite Seafood Tower at Reef & Beef!

The second menu will start with an imperial Seafood Tower with fresh seafood pickings as well as a grilled octopus. For the meat selections, guests can savour an impeccable Wagyu tataki, a succulent 400 grams of 30-day dry-aged striploin, and 200 grams of the finest Japanese Kagoshima tenderloin. This is accompanied by a choice of hand-cut truffle fries, sautéed wild mushrooms, a grilled mix of Mediterranean vegetables, or sautéed spinach. Savoury Perigord Truffle Jus & Green Peppercorn Sauces will be provided to complement these wonderful selections, and finally, a ⁠Sweet Romance for two will be provided to close out the night.

Steak served at Reef & Beef
Impeccable meat selections to choose from!

Appreciate the finer flavours of life with Reef & Beef’s sumptuous Degustation Day offer and bring your friends for a unique culinary experience. As the city’s latest fine-dining venue serving up the best the sea and land have to offer, Reef & Beef promises a memorable night of culinary appreciation with an unmatched atmosphere.

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