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Satisfy Your Mexican Food Cravings At La Tablita Dubai

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October 20, 2023

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Situated at the Hyatt Regency Dubai Creek Heights, La Tablita is a laidback Mexican restaurant serving up authentic Mexican Street food with recurring events like Taco Tuesdays, Happy Hour, Saturday Drunch and live music.

With an authentic, chilled out ambience, La Tablita’s décor stays true to its Mexican roots so you can relax and enjoy the amazing spread of Mexican food and cocktails ahead of you. On Saturday’s, the venue transforms to a family-friendly party destination, with live music that brings Mexico right to you. 

Catering to all tastes, La Tablita has an extensive menu of light bites, sharing plates, Mexican classics, and desserts. Ranging from quesadillas to ceviches, molcajetes to seafood, La Tablita knows what makes a Mexican food fiesta, and with vegan options, a small tequila bar, and even their own little sweet Mexican delicacy shop ‘La Tiendita’, there really is something for everyone. 

The dishes are delicious and substantial, so you won’t be leaving hungry, and the light bites and nachos are the perfect accompaniment to the extensive cocktail menu. Made with fresh, authentic ingredients, if you want to do Mexican food right, La Tablita is the place for you. 

Mexico is second to none when it comes to refreshing, flavourful cocktails, and La Tablita’s beverages deliver on just that. With classics like the margarita spiced up with fruit including passion fruit and mango, to unique rum, gin, whiskey, and Aperol cocktails, La Tablita has options for any taste that are both delicious and unique.

Every Tuesday at La Tablita, enjoy all you can eat Tacos for AED139 per person, from 6pm-11pm. Kid friendly and with vegetarian options available, this is the perfect mid-week pick me up. Options on the menu include Campechanos (beef flank and beef chorizo), Chicken Pastor (chicken shawarma and pineapple) and Nopales (Mexican Cactus, refried beans, and avocado sauce), with more to try out!

For a boozier affair, check out La Tablita’s Saturday Drunch. Spend your Saturday feasting on unlimited street food, tacos and fajitas; accompanied by fresh margaritas or cocktails. Starting at AED199 per person and AED299 for the alcohol package, the Saturday drunch is perfect for groups ready to indulge in exceptional Mexican cuisine in a party atmosphere. The drunch runs from 1pm-5pm, and booking is required. 

La Tablita is a contemporary bar that is perfect for satisfying a Mexican food craving, the dishes are fresh and authentic, and the cocktail menu is unique and enticing. The interior is relaxed but elegant, and the fiesta ambience is a given. And with Taco Tuesdays and Saturday Drunch, there’s really something for everyone. Check out La Tablita on the Playbook App today and follow us for more inspiration and venue highlights like this one.

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