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The Best Happy Hours In Dubai For An Unforgettable Night Out

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September 7, 2023

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Dubai's restaurants are renowned for their top-notch offerings, and when it comes to happy hours, the options are nothing short of extraordinary. Whether you're a local or a traveler looking for a memorable night out, Playbook has got you covered. We've rounded up the best spots to eat, drink, and unwind in Dubai. You’ll not want to miss this one!


Explore Dubai's nightlife at Jazz@PizzaExpress. Situated in the heart of Dubai, this indoor restaurant is all about good vibes and great flavours. The moment you step in, you'll feel the warm tunes of jazz music wrapping around you, and the delicious aroma of freshly baked pizza filling the air. When it comes to happy hours, Jazz@PizzaExpress takes it up a notch. Everyday from 12pm till 8pm in the evening, you can treat yourself to special prices on selected drinks that are oh-so-delicious. The atmosphere is alive and kicking, making every moment you spend there super memorable. 

La Mezcaleria (JBR)

Immerse yourself in a lively fiesta at La Mezcaleria in the popular JBR area. This restaurant is a haven for those craving the perfect fusion of Mexican flavours and a lively ambiance. From Monday to Friday, between 12pm and 7pm, La Mezcaleria beckons you in a delightful afternoon. Sip on your favorite beverages from just AED30 per drink and a fantastic 30% discount on selected menu items. The spirited essence of Mexico awakens at La Mezcaleria, so bring along your friends, colleagues, or simply yourself, and relish their exceptional offerings while basking in warm hospitality, vibrant decor, and irresistible aromas. 

Mango Tree Thai Bistro

Step into Mango Tree Thai Bistro and embark on a culinary journey to Thailand. Located perfectly in JBR, this restaurant brings the essence of Thai cuisine to Dubai. Every day from 4pm to 7pm, Mango Tree Thai Bistro offers selected beverages starting from just AED35, including their signature cocktails. Indulge in the artful blend of spices and ingredients that make Thai cuisine truly exceptional. Join the festivities and experience Mango’s zestful flavours right here in Dubai.


Located within Dubai Marina, Wavebreaker welcomes you to a seaside haven of flavours. With its beachside charm, this delightful spot offers a blend of relaxation and indulgence. Every day, from 5pm to 7pm, savour the magic of their happy hour with special prices on selected beverages that perfectly complement the waterfront view. Beverages start from only AED25. It's a treat for your taste buds and your wallet.

Ginger Moon

Every Monday to Friday, from 4pm to 7pm, step into a haven of handcrafted cocktails and sangria at Ginger Moon. For just AED120 per pitcher/jar, savour the goodness of these delightful drinks that whisk you away to a serene haven. Ginger Moon's calm atmosphere and expertly mixed drinks make it the perfect spot to unwind and enjoy quality time. Whether you're seeking quiet moments or sharing laughs with friends, Ginger Moon offers a blissful escape that captures the beauty of a sunset, right here in Dubai.

Goose Island

While you’re in the Jumeirah Village Circle area, check out Goose Island! This exciting spot goes beyond your usual hangout – they even have a pool table for added fun! From Monday to Thursday, 4pm to 9pm, and on Friday from 12pm to 8pm, as well as on the weekend from 12pm to 6pm, brace yourself for a 2 for 1 on selected Beers, Spirits and Wines. This is an offer that brings a smile to our faces! Gather your friends and enjoy their happy hour with drinks, games and unforgettable moments at one of the best spots in JVC.


There is no other place in Dubai like Barasti, a legendary destination in the heart of Dubai Marina. This beachfront oasis invites you to experience a slice of paradise like no other.

From sunrise to sunset, Barasti offers a treat with daily hours from 12pm to 8pm - 8 full hours of special prices! With beverages starting at just AED20, it's an opportunity to savour the moment without breaking the bank. Whether meeting friends or seeking a tranquil retreat, Barasti assures an idyllic experience by the water's edge.

Brooklyn Bar

Unveil the joy of Happy Hour at Brooklyn Bar in Al Barsha, accessible daily from 2pm to 9pm, and discover substantial discounts on handpicked beverages, promising a budget-friendly treat. With a pool table adding to the excitement, this spot is a must-visit for a night filled with enjoyment.

Electric Pawn Shop

Situated in the vibrant H Hotel on SZR, Electric Pawn Shop offers a retreat from the ordinary. With a Live DJ Every night, it's a hotspot for those craving a lively ambience. Additionally, their Happy Hour offer, Sunday - Thursday from 6pm to 9pm, offers a buy one get one free on selected cocktails, beers, wine & sake. The vibrant and lively atmosphere of Electric Pawn Shop promises an unforgettable experience, whether unwinding solo or sharing the fun with friends!

As the sun sets over Dubai's dynamic landscape, Happy Hour takes centre stage, offering you a gateway to unforgettable evenings. From the lively fiestas at La Mezcaleria to the serene sunset sips at Goose Island, Happy Hour becomes a journey of taste and delight. Relish special prices on selected beverages at Brooklyn Bar, or bask in the ambiance of Electric Pawn Shop's music-filled nights. These moments are just a taste of what Playbook's app has in store. With 4,000+ venues and exclusive offers waiting to be discovered, it's time to enhance your evenings. Download the Playbook App now and unlock a world of Happy Hour bliss.

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